Who Is Jeremiah Fennell? The 11-Year-Old Sportcaster Taking Over The Super Bowl

Jeremiah Fennell shocked audiences with his astute NFL acumen during the Super Bowl Opening Night in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Super Bowl Sunday and the weeks preceding the big event are always a time rife with viral material, from popular brands marketing their advertising strategies, to fan-favorite players engaging in fascinating rituals. This year, Jeremiah Fennell, the 11-year-old newscaster, has completely stolen the spotlight, poised to become the next great ESPN commentator before even reaching his teens.

The young man turned heads this week by showcasing his incredible football acumen, wise-beyond-his-years reporting style, and invaluable insight into the game. In addition to being positively adorable, Fennell represents the very best of a new generation of journalists, bringing a hard-hitting and authoritative voice to Super Bowl LVIII. Here's a brief overview of who Jeremiah Fennell is, and what you can expect to see from him this weekend.

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The Sportscaster Initially Wanted To Play Football

Like many esteemed sports journalists, Jeremiah's dreams originally saw him taking to the field to rush his way into a game-winning touchdown. Unfortunately, the young man experienced a great deal of health concerns during his youth which prevented him from being able to play. Jeremiah Fennell's official website describes him as a miracle baby, as doctors and specialists suggested he might not survive the delivery upon his birth in 2012.

In subsequent years, Jeremiah experienced a great deal of medical issues, including a missing brain gland, a detached clavicle, and an extremely high risk of permanent hearing loss. As a result of these issues, the young man has been barred from engaging in full-contact sports such as football. However, this didn't slow him down, as his loving family provided him with several important tools from a young age.

The Young Man Is Highly Academically Advanced

It is clear from hearing the 11-year-old speak in interviews that Jeremiah Fennell has a greater screen presence and grasp of the English language model than most kids his age. According to his bio, Fennell learned the fundamentals of reading, writing, and American Sign Language from a young age through the Child Find program. At the age of 3, he started preschool and, within just one year, he tested out of the program due to his advanced abilities.

Socially, Fennell was always a massive football fan, and would even practice interviewing the Raiders players while watching games at home. He launched a YouTube channel in April of 2020, offering surprisingly astute post-game NFL highlights, and eventually became the first journalist to join Sports 4 Free Youthmedia.

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The Journalist Received National Attention On Super Bowl Opening Night

Jeremiah Fennell is a Las Vegas native, giving him the perfect opportunity to attend this year's Super Bowl festivities. During Opening Night, Fennell got the world's attention by sitting down with Pat Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and others, providing well-thought-out interviews and fascinating game predictions. At the age of 11, Jeremiah is already an honor roll student, NAACP member, hard-working podcaster and journalist, speaking into an NFL Network microphone with the authoritative genius generally reserved for age-old veterans of the football world. Whether you're rooting for the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend, one thing's for sure: this kid is going places.

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