T-Pain Loves His Apple Vision Pro Goggles

T-Pain is embracing the new technology.

BYTallie Spencer
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In the latest episode of T-Pain's social media rants, the two-time Grammy winner is taking the virtual reality world by storm. And he's not afraid to make it known. T-Pain has become an unabashed advocate for Apple's latest offering, the Vision Pro, and he's not just casually endorsing it. He's wearing it everywhere he goes. In a hilarious and unapologetic Instagram video shared this week, T-Pain walks through an airport, proudly flaunting his Apple Vision Pro goggles. With a touch of humor, he ridicules the mundane and lackluster reality surrounding him. He contrasts it with the vibrant, immersive experience provided by the VR goggles.

"Y'all thought y'all was gonna leave me in this mundane, bad graphics having-ass, boring, no-color having-ass reality?" T-Pain declares. "You're sadly mistaken. I'm calling the cops because you fit the description of a hater." The Grammy-winning artist leaves no room for doubt. He's not about to be left behind in a world that doesn't match up to the vivid, dynamic alternate reality offered by the Apple Vision Pro. As he boldly states, "I'm gone forever, I'm wearing this bitch everywhere. It's over."

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T-Pain takes a playful jab at the demise of Google Glass, recounting how skeptics once shut down the futuristic glasses with a "Dragon Ball Z" thing on the side. In his eyes, history is repeating itself. And he won't let the opportunity slip away this time. The humor and charisma with which he delivers his message emphasize the conviction behind his newfound love for the Apple Vision Pro.

As T-Pain stands firmly on the frontlines of the virtual reality revolution, he showcases his tech-savvy side. In addition, he also champions a product that has apparently captivated him to the point of declaring war on the ordinary. For T-Pain, it's not just about embracing innovation. It's about reshaping the narrative and ensuring he's at the forefront of the next big thing – the Apple Vision Pro.

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