Adin Ross & Soulja Boy Trolled By Twerking Prankster On OmeTV: Watch

Ross and Soulja were quick to disconnect after the troll revealed their true identity.

BYBen Mock
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Adin Ross and Soulja Boy might have to beat some allegations this week after an incident during their recent joint livestream. While using the chat roulette site OmeTV, the pair stopped to appreciate a user they connected to twerking. However, the pair were quick to cut the connection and move onto the next person as the twerking individual revealed themselves to be male and not female as the two men had believed.

Of course, it's not the only wild stream moment Ross has been caught up with recently. Last week, Ross was involved in a wild livestream moment involving an alleged pedophile. Along with fellow content creator Vitaly, Ross helped apprehend an alleged pedophile. However, things escalated when Ross and Vitaly forced the mostly nude man to drink out of a dog bowl while wearing a leash held by Ross. The man was then turned over to local police.

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OmeTV Seemingly Bans IShowSpeed For Being Ugly

However, Ross is not the only streamer to have run into trouble with OmeTV. Last year, the site caused IShowSpeed to have a full-blown meltdown. Speed was only able to interact with a few users before something strange happened. After attempting to connect with a new user, Speed found himself banned. The reason give was "irrelevant image" alongside a picture of Speed's face. “They just banned me because of my face? Am I that ugly? Am I that fucking ugly?!” the streamer yelled in response as fans mocked in chat. However, after paying a small unbanning fee, the same thing happened again. “I am fucking done! They banned me again just because of my face! I am not that damn ugly!" Speed said in another meltdown before quitting out to play Roblox instead.

Of course, Speed melting down on stream is not an uncommon occurrence. A few days before the OmeTV incident, Speed had a melt down over Cristiano Ronaldo's EAFC 24 rating of 86. “I literally threw up,” said Speed. “I just threw up in my mouth. That’s how fucking disgusted I fucking am right now. That’s so fucking disgusting," Speed told his audience.

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