Russ has been the underdog that won this past year. While his career has sky-rocketed with the release of his album There’s Really A Wolf, he has more to thank of his fan base than the politics of the music industry. While he’s received two platinum plaques for two separate singles and a gold plaque for his album, it’s hard to say that he hasn’t been winning. However, earlier today the No Jumper Twitter account posted a picture of Russ and edited his shirt to say “How much lean and xans do you have?” with the tweet jokingly reading “very sad to see addiction get this bad.” While Russ  isn’t really the rapper to talk about drugs at all, he didn’t seem to find addiction something to joke about.

On his Twitter account, Russ ended up quoting No Jumper’s tweet saying “Y’all really edited my shirt? lol” before going on a bit of a Twitter rant.

He started off by saying “If I stopped ONE kid from abusing xans or lean, mission accomplished..better than getting ONE kid to try that shit. Period.” Over the past several years, it’s no secret that many rappers have openly glorified the use of lean and xanax. He then continued, “Doing xanax and lean cuz your favorite rapper makes it sound cool is all fun and games till your impressionable ass gets addicted. Stop.”

After tweeting that, it seems like he began receiving backlash from what he tweeted out. He started getting a bit more aggressive in his tweets by saying, “Y’all angry ass junkies can also get out my mentions. I know you don’t like your life when you’re on or off that shit.”

Afterwards, he later stated his intentions with the tweets by saying, “If I gotta be the bad guy for saying what mad people think but are 2 scared 2 say then so be it. At least I’m promoting living & not dying,” he further elaborated by saying, “A lotta rappers have romanticized & glorified drug abuse. That shits not cool. Peoples lives get ruined from that shit. Grow up.”

Earlier in the day, Russ tweeted out a picture of himself with the shirt reading “How much xans and lean do you have to do before you realize you’re a fucking loser” which ended up being the picture that was edited by No Jumper. The tweet with that shirt said “After show. Message.”

Regardless of how you feel about what Russ said, at least he stands by what he believes in. While there are still many people that dabble with drugs, it is highly unlikely that xans and lean will be completely removed out of hip hop music in the near future. 

Read the series of tweets below: