Matt Rife's TikTok Feud With A Six-Year-Old Leads To More Backlash For The Comedian

Matt Rife has once again landed himself in hot water.

BYBen Mock
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Matt Rife is facing a new wave of backlash after telling a six-year-old on TikTok that Santa Claus doesn't exist and that the child's mother buys his presents with her "OnlyFans profits". The interaction came after the child stitched a clip of Rife saying Jupiter has a ring in order to tell him that Saturn is the planet better known for its rings. Rife ranted at the child in the comments, making the statements that have now landed him back in hot water. Most people see the feud as Rife once again punching down for no apparent reason.

Of course, this is just the latest controversy in the last few weeks for Rife. The comedian rose to infamy in late November after he made a joke about domestic violence in his Netflix special. When people complained about the joke, Rife referred them to a website that sold "special needs helmets". Rife has built a following based on his good looks and Dane Cook-esque humor. However, many people have turned away from the comedian in recent weeks.

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Matt Rife Gets Upset About TikTok Joke

However, Rife has also become something of a meme. Following his initial scandal, a plastic surgeon on TikTok made a brief skit that didn't mention Rife by name but alluded to his scandal. Rife chose to respond to the surgeon, commenting "Lying about medical history is illegal" in the comments. This led to a wave of mockery aimed at Rife as to many people, the comment was emblematic of not being able to take what he dished out. Furthermore, the surgeon took things a step further by issuing Rife an apology in the form of a special needs helmet.

Netflix has not commented on the Rife situation. However, that's unsurprising given the company's historic stance. Last week, the streaming platform announced that Dave Chappelle would be releasing a new special on New Year's Eve. The decision comes two years after transphobic content in Chappelle's last Netflix led to an employee walkout at the company.

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