Arguably one of the more creative inductees in this year’s XXL Freshman Class, Amine brings us a lyrical performance for his XXL freestyle. His combination of intrinsic melodies and evocative storytelling prove he’s a unique addition to this year’s class. 

The 22-year old rapper has been on a grind to put the city of Portland on the map and it seems he’s succeeded. He’s found major success after dropping tracks like “Caroline,” “Baba” and continued his rise with tracks like “Turf.” “I don’t really think much of any songs I put out like I know…I think they’re good, that’s why I’m putting them out,” Aminé said to XXL. “But like I don’t ever try to expect anything, so even with ‘Caroline’ or ‘Red Mercedes,’ I just put them out and hope for the best and people kind of gravitate towards them and I guess that’s pretty cool and that’s a blessing.”

Amine hopes to keep elevating his game in anticipation for his upcoming project, which is due for release sometime later this year. Take a look at his XXL Freshman freestyle and interview below. 


Watch Amine's XXL Freshman Class Freestyle