Hitman Holla Reflects On Girlfriend Cinnamon's Nearly Fatal Shooting

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“All I heard was gunshots and I couldn’t hear my baby," Hitman Holla recalls.

During a recent episode of VH1’s Future Superstars, Hitman Holla and his girlfriend Cinnamon reflected on the terrifying home invasion that nearly cost them her life. Hitman Holla recalled being on a FaceTime call with Cinnamon back in 2021, who was home alone at the time. He claims that she told him that her dogs wouldn't stop barking, and went on to hear some strange noises. Eventually, it became apparent that an intruder was in the home.

Hitman Holla notes how "helpless" he felt in the moment, advising Cinnamon to get his gun to try to defend herself from the intruder. At this point, she hid in a closet with the weapon, and the intruder entered the room. She fired off a shot aimed at the intruder, but missed her target. The intruder fired back, hitting her in the cheek. “All I heard was gunshots and I couldn’t hear my baby," he says, recalling thinking to himself, “They killed my baby.”

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Hitman Holla Felt "Helpless"

Cinnamon also chimed in with her own recollection of events, growing emotional as she reflected on the shooting. “All I could see I white," she explains. "Whole time I’m screaming in my mind like, ‘Help, help!'” Miraculously, Cinnamon survived, though she's been open in the past about the pain she's suffered from as a result of the incident.

Last year, she took to social media to call attention to subpar care she was receiving from doctors. "I've always heard what doctors 'yt' did to black patients but I never in a million years thought i would have to witness it," she wrote. "That doctor told me it was impossible to feel the pain that i was feeling and he talked to me like i wasn't even human." What do you think of Hitman Holla and Cinnamon's story? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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