Are Lil Scrappy & Erica Dixon Together? "L&HH" Power Couple Bombarded With Questions During Solo Thanksgiving Streams

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ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 22: (L-R) Erica Dixon and recording artist Lil Scrappy attend the Chicago Bulls vs Atlanta Hawks game at Phillips Arena on December 22, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)

The pair's separate Thanksgivings raised a lot of questions from fans.

Any hopes of a peaceful Thanksgiving week for Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon were dashed by their respective fanbases. Scrappy abruptly ended his livestream when his viewers wouldn't stop asking questions about where Dixon was. A similar thing happened when Dixon went live. However, instead of ending the stream, Dixon told her viewers that "he's with family" when discussing Scrappy. At the very least, the pair appeared to be spending Thanksgiving apart, this year at least.

The drama comes after Dixon vehemently denied the rumors that she is pregnant with Scrappy's baby. Rumors swirled after she was spotted in Vegas with Scrappy. However, Dixon put those rumors to rest in a recent livestream, saying she was not pregnant and had no immediate plans to be pregnant. Furthermore, she showed off her outfit for the pre-Thanksgiving girls' night she was helping throw, showing no signs of a baby bump. Of course, the pair already share one child as a result of their decade-plus involvement with one another. However, Dixon has made it clear that her focus at the moment is finding a successful model of co-parenting with Scrappy.

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Momma Dee Blasts Bambi For Lying About Dixon & Scrappy

However, wherever Dixon and Scrappy are involved, you know Bambi isn't too far away. Scrappy's ex and thus Dixon's rival went after the pair after they vacationed in Hawaii together. However, Bambi shaded Scrappy, saying that he invited her and her kids first and that Dixon was essentially his backup option. Bambi went to say that Scrappy "gets what he wants" and he'll hop from woman to woman to get it.

Furthermore, Momma Dee, Scrappy's mother and proud Bambi hater, called cap on Bambi's claims. Dee argued that Bambi's story made no sense as the Hawaiian vacation was to celebrate Dixon's birthday. Therefore, Scrappy would have never invited Bambi in the first place. "She's a lie, she don't even know the truth. The more she lie, the more big her gums get," Momma Dee noted.


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