Would Stephen A. Smith Give Up Sex For A Knicks Championship? "ESPN" Host Reveals His Answer

It looked like a very stressful decision.

BYBen Mock
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The short answer to whether Stephen A. Smith would abstain for a year if it guaranteed his beloved Knicks a championship is no. However, Smith delivered the answer in a way that only he could. There was so much pained straining and an emotional speech about the Knicks haven't won a championship since Smith was five. However, despite this 51-year drought, Smith still wouldn't give up sex to secure another one. What made the situation even more hilarious was that the question had been posed by the prominent sports parody Twitter account, Ballcrack Sports.

Earlier in the year, Smith had said he was happy to be single. "I'm 55 years old. I've never been married and I'm happy about it. Now, one could easily surmise that a past rife with some degree of promiscuity might, dare I say, contribute to my desire to be single. But that's not the reason. I am not upset about being single. Jeezy, how he filed for divorce from his wife, Jeannie Mai, after only two years, former friends are saying she's after his money. I hope that Shade Room is watching because I you know, my nephew tipped me off to that site, and I see some of the things y'all talk about. Oh you're welcome on The Stephen A. Smith Show."

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Smith Invokes R. Kelly

However, it's not the only answer from Smith's segment that has gone viral. Smith also raised some eyebrows when discussing the "best sex song". As part of his answer, Smith invoked R. Kelly of all people. "I don't want to bring up R. Kelly, but I think it's okay now because he's in jail," Smith said in a widely disseminated clip. Furthermore, the clip has widely been met with shock that Smith, a widely-respected pundit with a national TV spot, would say something so out-of-pocket unprovoked.

The viral moment was part of a larger three-minute answer that Smith gave. His answers included Spandau Ballet's "True", The Jackson 5's "All I Do Is Think Of You", and Luther Vandross' "A House Is Not A Home". In regards to Kelly, Smtih's pick was "Dedicated" and after the viral clip, he reasoned that he wouldn't have brought it up if Kelly was "still out there, getting away with stuff." However, Smith does go on to name at least three R. Kelly songs as part of his answer. Furthermore, Smith argues that "we can't argue that there's quite a few" R. Kelly songs that would make an objective list in answer to the question.

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