Stephen A. Smith Blasts NBA Over Giannis Antetokounmpo Ejection, Threatens To Call The League Office

Stephen A. saw no legitimate reason why Giannis was tossed.

BYBen Mock
SiriusXM At Super Bowl LVII - Feb. 9

Stephen A. Smith, like many Bucks fans, was not impressed by the decision to eject Giannis from the Bucks' win over the Pistons last night. “I’m gonna call the league office today. Who the hell is paying to see the referee? That is not a reason to eject Giannis Antetokounmpo from a game, that is ridiculous. That is a disservice to the fans, to the paying customer coming to see them play, that is ridiculous. It is not a reason to eject a superstar basketball player who clearly the paying customer is coming to see. I know you get him 41 nights a year in the locale that is Milwaukee, I get all of that. Thank God it wasn’t a road game where you only get to see him once or twice a year. But for Giannis Antetokounmpo to get ejected for that reason is ridiculous," Smith declared.

Giannis picked up his second technical after staring down the Pistons' Isaiah Stewart after throwing down a dunk over him. Furthermore, Giannis threw up the "too small" taunt. The refs didn't like this and whistled Giannis for his second tech of the game. A disbelieving Giannis tried to reason with the refs but the whistle had already been blown and the officiating team wanted Giannis out of the game.

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Stephen A. Smith Roasted For Over-Sized Hat

However, his reactions to Giannis aren't the only Smith-related topic people are talking about. This past weekend, Smith was in Philly, the city where he established himself as an award-winning journalist, for Eagles-Cowboys. While at the game, an Eagles win, Smith stopped to take a selfie with a Philly die-hard named Molly. Subsequently, Molly posted the picture to social media. And almost immediately, people began roasting Smith for the oversized Jordan-brand hat he was wearing.

Not only was the baseball cap a size or two too big for Smith, the brim was so sharp and rigid that it looked frozen in place. One person compared it to the iconic Star Destroyer-class spaceship from Star Wars. Another say it reminded them of a meal kit taco shell. Meanwhile, the size of the hat also elicited its own scrutiny. One social media user noted that there was so much free space that Smith could "tuck a PB&J behind his ear like a cigarette". Whether the fit was intentional, or simply a wardrobe oversight, remains to be seen.

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