Joe Smith's Wife Gives Cam'ron Live Massage On "It Is What It Is"

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The beef between the married couple only appears to be getting stranger.

Kisha Chavis, the wife of ex-NBA player Joe Smith, returned to It Is What It Is at the request of Ma$e to provide his co-host, Cam'ron, a massage live on the show. The move is a throwback to last week when Chavis revealed during an interview on Check That Stat that one of her non-OnlyFans side hustles was running a massage business. Cam'ron hyper-fixated on this detail, asking Chavis if she would perform a massage on him.

Additionally, the move comes just a few days after Smith himself spoke out about Cam'ron's conduct towards his wife. "It bothers me a lot. I did not just see that but the messages I got from people who actually went to her OnlyFans page. They sent it on Instagram [and] Facebook, talking about how my wife looks and what kind of pictures my wife got," Smith told DJ Vlad as part of their ongoing interview about the subject.

Smith And His Wife Give Differing Accounts Of OnlyFans Drama

Furthermore, Smith's interview with DJ Vlad paints a very different picture of the situation than his wife. Earlier in the DJ Vlad interview, Smith gave his first published thoughts about just what went down after he learned that his wife was running an OnlyFans. Specifically, he denied that the now-viral fight was actually a publicity stunt for the site. Nah, that's not what happened and that's not what's going on right now. It's a real issue. The video hurt, but then also, the fact that the way I had to find out about the OnlyFans page, that's another thing on top of that that hurts as well," Smith said. Furthermore, Smith claimed that he had discovered the account when he caught his wife checking her account on her phone.

However, Chavis painted a different story when she spoke to TMZ a few weeks ago. Chavis explained that she had been running an account for over a year before a house guest of Smith's revealed it to her husband. Additionally, Chavis explained why she set the page up. "It was a decision that I made. I made an executive decision when my man wasn't taking the lead. I really love Joe," Kisha Chavis told TMZ. Elaborating, Chavis said that Smith's mental health had taken a major blow after he left the NBA in 2011. According to Chavis, Smith struggled to come to terms with going from #1 pick to unwanted by any team in the league. Furthermore, she said that while Smith did very little to try and alleviate their financial burdens, she had set up a number of money-making side hustles.


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