Stunna Girl Claims Big Lex "Abandoned" Her Kids, Starts GoFundMe For Them

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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 23: Stunna Girl attends the Zeus at Regal North Hollywood on April 23, 2023 in North Hollywood, California. (Photo by Arnold Turner/Getty Images for The Zeus Network)

Stunna Girl continues to throw shade at Big Lex.

Today, Big Lex dropped off diss a diss track aimed at Stunna girl called "Number 1 Stunna." The track follows some drama between the two of them surrounding Big Lex's recent altercation with Joseline Hernandez. Earlier this month, she accused Stunna Girl of calling her a "rat" amid Hernandez's legal repercussions. Shortly after she called out the performer for allegedly claiming she snitched, her 911 call came out, revealing that she told dispatchers that Hernandez "beat [her] real bad."

Stunna Girl went on to throw some shade on Twitter, even recently dissing Big Lex's parenting skills. She started a GoFundMe for the "Big Ratt n her kids," claiming that she doesn't support them properly. "Hey everyone I made this go fund me to help out these babies since their mother is more worried about chasing a DL man , clout & fame off Stunnagirl instead of raising her kids," the description reads.

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Stunna Girl Throws Shade After Big Lex Drops Diss Track

"She has 3 thousand dollars in twenties she loves to flex but doesn't use any of that money to fund her kids livelihoods," it continues. "She abandoned her kids just like she abandoned her wig that Joseline beat her out of . So let's all donate to the Bugg Eyed bih because the only bag she has is the bags under her eyelids." These aren't the only shots she's taken at Big Lex as of late, however. Recently, she also detailed her time at Big Lex's "Freak In ME" video shoot, claiming that she had to make an effort not to outshine her.

What do you think of Stunna Girl starting a GoFundMe for Big Lex and her kids? How are you liking Big Lex's new "Number 1 Stunna" diss track? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Stunna Girl and Big Lex.

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