"Dr. Pat" Of "The Kardashians" Is In Prison For Defrauding The NBA

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Dr. Patrick Khaziran is serving 30 months for his role in a multi-million dollar fraud scheme.

Fans were shocked to hear that "Dr. Pat", the chiropractor who appeared in the latest episode of The Kardashians is actually currently behind bars. Dr. Patrick Khaziran appeared in the show's most recent episode to meet with Scott Disick and Khloé Kardashian. "When I slipped three discs in my back, Dr. Pat got them back in there. You don’t have to do a surgery. Who wants a surgery?” Kardashian said of Khaziran while seeking treatment for Disick's lingering pain from a 2022 car crash.

However, Khaziran is currently serving a 30-month sentence in California after being found guilty of medical fraud. Khaziran was involved in a scheme masterminded by ex-NBAer Terrence Williams which involved writing off fake treatments and then being compensated through the NBA alum healthcare plan. The doctor racked up $1.3 million in fraudulent charges and walked away with $439,000. Kharizan had an A-list client roster, including Kevin Hart, Logan Paul, and Diddy.

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Williams Gets 10 Years For Fraud Scheme

However, Khazian's 30-month sentence is nothing compared to what the aforementioned Williams got. The former 11th overall pick received a 10-year sentence for masterminding the plan. “You were yet another player who frittered away substantial earnings from the period of time when you were playing basketball professionally,” Judge Valerie E. Caproni told Williams during sentencing. “You should have had enough money to be set for life, but you don’t.” While many of the former players in the case were journeymen, their career earnings still totaled $343 million. “I one million percent take full accountability for my role in this case,” Williams said, choking up as he blamed the scheme on "stupidity and greed." However, Judge Caproni was unsympathetic, stating that Williams used his big personality to "lure" friends and family into the scheme.

Furthermore, a 10-year prison sentence is not the only punishment that Williams will face. Williams must forfeit $650,000 in personal wealth as well as pay $2.5 million in restitution. Furthermore, Caprino ordered Williams to participate in a money management course. Williams has been incarcerated since May 2022. Prosecutors alleged that Williams had engaged in witness tampering by sending threatening texts to potential witnesses. During sentencing, Williams said he was "humbled and humiliated" by the proceedings. However, he also blamed his criminal activity on an opioid addiction he reportedly developed from painkiller use to manage pain from lingering injuries. It's unclear where or when Williams, who resides in Seattle, will serve his time.

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