YouTube Remains Silent On SSSniperwolf Doxxing Situation

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The video platform is yet to issue a response nearly a week after the incident happened.

YouTube is still yet to release a statement addressing one of the site's biggest stars, SSSniperwolf, doxxing another creator. It has been nearly week since SSSniperwolf posted an image of the home of Jacksfilms on her Instagram page. However, none of YouTube's official channels has made reference to the incident. This is in spite of growing outrage from other creators, who have demanded that the veteran creator face real consequences for what she did, especially given her apparent lack of remorse.

However, taking acting would require YouTube to turn on one of their most prized creators. SSSniperwolf is a veteran presence on the site and boasts over 34 million followers. She is a constantly referenced and promoted on the company's social media and has appeared as a keynote speaker at several conventions and YouTube events. Furthermore, entering into the situation on one side or the other would require YouTube to take a stand on the sort of content that SSSniperwolf makes her money from. In short, there is no benefit to YouTube to get involved.

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SSSniperwolf Doxxing Drama Explained

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 16: SSSniperWolf attends as YouTube Shopping presents Beauty Festival 2022 at YouTube Stages LA on June 16, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for YouTube Beauty)

The doxxing incident is a major escalation in the ongoing feud between the two large and veteran content creators. Jack has been a vocal critic of SSSniperwolf's content, which primarily comprises TikTok compilations alongside superficial "reactions" from the YouTuber. Jack has argued that SSSniperwolf's content does not meet the definitions of fair use. This is espcially the case as she does not credit the original creators whose content she uses. Furthermore, Jack has gone as far as to help creators file takedown requests against SSSniperwolf's videos. Before the doxxing, SSSniperwolf's primary response had to been to label Jack as a "creep". Furthermore, she claimed that he was "harassing" her by going after her content.

Jack has not uploaded since posting a 2-minute explanation of the doxxing incident. Meanwhile, SSSniperwolf has posted several of her reaction videos since the weekend. Not only has the creator not shown any remorse for what she did, she has largely doubled down on her actions. She has claimed that she doesn't know what doxxing is and joking about what she did in subsequent posts. Jack has since stated that he no longer feels safe in his home. Meanwhile, the comments on official YouTube social media posts have been flooded with fans calling for SSSniperwolf to be banned from the platform.

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