Jada Pinkett Smith Wants Will Smith & Her To Heal & Get Closer After Revelations

"There’s no finding another great love, and I think that’s the point," the Baltimore actress said of her tough but strong bond with Will.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Will Smith Book Closer

Despite all the drama and discussion around her upcoming memoir Worthy, Jada Pinkett Smith seems like she's already looking to the future. Moreover, she recently joined The Today Show on Monday morning (October 16) and spoke to Hoda Kotb about her relationship with Will Smith. What's more is that the actor even posted a hilarious and cheeky response to all this on Instagram. His latest post is captioned "Notifications off :)," and shows him taking a nap on a boat amid a flurry of notifications. The message is clear: the 55-year-old is not letting any of this gossip and heated debate get to his head, and his wife even commented on it with some laughing emojis.

Jokes aside, we actually did get his first public response to all this thanks to an email sent to The New York Times. During their interview with Jada Pinkett Smith, they said that her memoir "kind of woke [Will Smith] up," or rather, that said feeling is how he would describe it. "She had lived a life more on the edge than he’d realized. She is more resilient, clever and compassionate than he’d understood," they paraphrased his thoughts on the matter, and later directly quoted him. "When you’ve been with someone for more than half of your life, a sort of emotional blindness sets in. You can all too easily lose your sensitivity to their hidden nuances and subtle beauties," the Philly native expressed. As such, it seems like she has his full support, and that the couple is sticking together amid all this.

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Will Smith Slyly Addresses Jada Pinkett Smith Revelations On Instagram

With this in mind, for this new Today interview, Jada Pinkett Smith spoke on what she wants her future with Will Smith to be like. "There’s no finding another great love, and I think that’s the point,” the Baltimore native shared “It’s like we are in a place now that we are in a deep, healing space. And we are really concentrating on healing the relationship between us. There’s no divorce on paper. We really have been working hard. That’s the whole thing. We are working very hard at bringing our relationship together. Back to a life partnership.

"Here’s the thing about husband-wife marriage for me, for my healing process," she continued. "I came into that with very specific ideas that were blocks to me seeing Will as who he is. He can’t be this perfect, ideal guy husband. I have to be able to accept him for the human that he is, he accepts me for the human that I am. And we want to love each other there." She thinks that this memoir experience has brought them even closer together, and only brought things publicly now because they needed time to figure out who they were and what they wanted to be. For more news and updates on Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, stay posted on HNHH.

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