Bradley Martyn Claims Logan Paul Uses Steroids

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Boxing In Manchester - KSI v Tommy Fury
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 14: Logan Paul reacts ringside while holding a bottle of Prime during the Misfits Cruiserweight fight between KSI (Olajide Olayinka Williams) and Tommy Fury at AO Arena on October 14, 2023 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images)
It's not a new claim but at least it's not Dillon Danis making these claims.

While live-tweeting the Prime Card, Bradley Martyn reiterated previously made claims that Logan Paul uses steroids. "Logan Paul is 100% on steroids," Martyn tweeted matter-of-factly. Overall, Martyn, who has beef with Logan in the past, was not a fan of the event. "I don’t get it. Did they pay Dillion to not throw a punch? Logan Paul is fighting a punching bag currently. I’m sueing Dillion Danis. Logan Paul, and DAZN, I want my $ back. Watching KSI is like watching someone play street fighter and spamming the same move," Martyn also said throughout the fight.

The steroid claims have been loudly and consistently by Logan's opponent, Dillon Danis. Danis has made multiple claims that Paul has used steroids in the run-up to their fight. On a related note, Danis also made several claims in the days and hours before the fight that neither he nor Paul drug-tested, despite claims that they were going to undergo drug testing.

Danis Challenges Paul To MMA Rematch

Despite the disqualification loss and steroid claims, Danis is eager to take on Paul a second time. "A Jiu Jitsu guy with no boxing camp or coach made his debut, never wobbled, never dropped, had no standing 8 count, and rocked you multiple times. If I were Nina, I'd call off the wedding. You achieved nothing in your own sport, MMA next," Danis wrote on social media Saturday morning. It was a response to post from Paul himself. "Honestly nothing to be proud about. that dude sucks, a real cunt. I’m gonna go back to living my life but felt good to beat his ass for 6 rounds and let him embarrass himself. Drink prime," Paul wrote on social media an hour or so after the fight.

Furthermore, Paul, who chose to speak with the media after the fight, had nothing positive to say about Danis. "Dillon Danis truly is a coward. I forgave Dillon before this fight started. It was the only way to attack this fight without emotion. But he was calling himself a real fighter? Conor McGregor, you see that?" Paul said. Furthermore, he quickly turned his attention back to his current day job - fighting in the WWE. "This is a hobby for me. My true passion, I'm a WWE superstar. I'm an American boy, and I want that U.S. title. Rey Mysterio, I already beat you once and I'm coming for that U.S. championship."


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