Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is the most likeable player in the NFL. At least, that’s according to a poll conducted by E-Poll which was based on a variety of factors, including “awareness,” “dynamic,” and “exciting.”

The 34-year old veteran scored highly in all of those categories which landed him in the top spot for “Most Likeable Player,” ahead of Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt, Saints QB Drew Brees, Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson and Raiders QB Derek Carr. Other NFL players who came in the Top-10 of “Most Likeable Player” include Antonio Brown, Von Miller, Aaron Rodgers, Dak Prescott and New England Patriots superstar tight end, Rob Gronkowski. 

It appears Larry Fitzgerald’s likability extends onto the field as well. For instance, he has reportedly offered to pay the fines of defensive players who hit him high, rather than take out his knees. According to, Detroit Lions safety Glover Quin recently told reporters that Fitzgerald often tells defensive backs he’ll pay their fines if they agree not to hit him low.

Per AZCentral,

“You ask anybody, he’ll tell you like, ‘Hey man, don’t take my knees out like that. I would rather you hit me up here than hit me down here.’

“Now, as a DB, you’re going to take the lower hit because this hit right here is going to give you a fine. But he’ll tell you like, ‘Hey, I’ll pay your fine for you.’”

As for the other players on the most likeable list, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that guys like JJ Watt and Drew Brees came in so high. The Texans’ Pro Bowler recently helped raise over $27 million and counting for victims of Hurricane Harvey. Brees has also established himself as a staple in the New Orleans community for his charitable work and has been heavily involved in Hurricane Katrina recovery.

And of course, fans consider guys like Jordy Nelson, Aaron Rodgers, Antonio Brown, and Rob Gronkowski as the most likeable thanks to their steady fantasy football contributions.

Take a look at how fans voted for the NFL’s “Most Likeable Player” below.

Larry Fitzgerald

Poll Reveals NFL's "Most Likeable Player"