Fivio Foreign Unveils New Tattoo On His Back

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 14: Fivio Foreign hosts Fivio's Valentine Giveaway powered by The Million Dollar Drive By on February 14, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)
Fivio Foreign's new tatt has people chiming in with their thoughts.

The world of hip-hop has always been a canvas for self-expression, and Fivio Foreign, the Brooklyn-born rapper known for his distinctive style and energetic flow, is taking that notion to a whole new level. Recently, the artist unveiled a bold and thought-provoking tattoo on his back, one that reads, "Stop Talking Behind My Back." It's a statement that not only reflects his confidence but also his readiness to confront the chatter surrounding his name. Fivio proudly showed off the new ink. The tattoo, located appropriately on his back, is in bold ink and is currently his largest back tatt. Social media of course chimed in with their own thoughts. "This the type of s**t you see on a bumper sticker," one person said. "I’m sure they’ll stop talking behind his back now," said another. "When in doubt, add clouds," someone else said.

In the age of social media and online critics, artists are under constant scrutiny, and rumors and gossip usually take over. Fivio Foreign's tattoo seems to be a direct response to those who may be speaking negatively about him when he can't hear them. In fact, not paying attention to the haters is something that Fivio has emphasized he doesn't do. He released a track last week called "Why Would I?" which consists of Fivio questioning why he should care about people's internet opinions.

Peep Fivio's New Tattoo

This isn't the first time Fivio has used body art to convey a message. His body is a canvas of personal stories and statements, with various tattoos reflecting his journey, experiences, and aspirations. "Stop Talking Behind My Back" is the latest addition to this collection, and it's undoubtedly a testament to the artist's fearless attitude and commitment to his craft. In addition, Fivio is someone who also uses jewlery as a way to express himself. Earlier this year, he spent around $200,000 on a new iced out snowflake pendant. Fivio loves to make a statement at all costs.

In a genre where authenticity and resilience are highly valued, Fivio Foreign's new tattoo is a bold declaration of his commitment to staying true to himself while facing the challenges and criticisms that come with being in the public eye. It's not just body art; it's a symbol of his unshakable resolve and a message to the world that he's ready to confront whatever comes his way head-on. Let us know your thoughts on Fivio's new tatt below on HNHH.

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