Fivio Foreign Proclaims "God Is Good" After Dropping $200k On New Chain

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Inside the Marc Jacobs x i-D Coachella Party
Fivio Foreign at the Marc Jacobs x i-D Coachella Party in Indio, California on April 15, 2023. (Photo by Katie Jones/WWD via Getty Images)
The Brooklyn rapper got himself some pricey new drip.

Fivio Foreign felt like spending big this week. On June 23, the Brooklyn rapper dropped pictures of his new chain, featuring a bejeweled snowflake pendant. According to his social media, Fivio spent a cool $200k on the icy new drip.

Per Fivio's jeweler, the piece is “all emeralds, with the kilo, and VVS diamonds.” In the center of the pendant, the word "Fivio" is carefully displayed. However, it's not the first time this month that Fivio's chains have been a topic of conversation.

Earlier in June, the rapper had to confirm that he had not been the victim of a chain-snatching incident. In fact, Fivio's friend Loui Paso called the rumors "cap" as Fivio's security presence would have made it impossible for anyone to get close enough to snatch. Regardless, Fivio had a very special person to thank for his latest fit.

Fivio Thanks God For New Chain

Fivio thanked the Lord above for his new chains on social media, saying "Good is Good" while also including a video showing off the new drip. "Too easy, 200k in one day, too easy," the rapper is heard saying as his jeweler showcases the piece.

"Like water," Fivio also says, shaking his water bottle while indicating to the new chains. In the light, the pendant does indeed look like the surface of a body of water. While unobtainable for 99% of folks, it does have a strange and ethereal beauty to it.

The video ends with Fivio's jeweler's holding up the weight thick-link chain surrounding the pendant. "Big boy rosy," Fivio says, inspecting it. "We love rosy," he continues. This is likely in reference to the rose-gold tint that the chain takes on when better exposed to the light.

Fivio Weighs In On YK Osiris Situation

ELMONT, NEW YORK - JUNE 04: Fivio Foreign attends Hot 97 Summer Jam at UBS Arena on June 04, 2023 in Elmont, New York. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

However, Fivio hasn't just been buying drip this week, he's also been serving up takes. Young rapper YK Osiris found himself in hot water after reality star Sukihana accused him of forcibly trying to kiss her during a Crew League broadcast.

While Suki eventually accepted Osiris' apology, that didn't stop outsiders from continuing to speculate and commentate on the situation. For Fivio, however, he wanted to simply give Osiris some advice for navigating the modern world.

“Just as a Black man in America and how our Black women are portrayed, you always got to be delicate… So you just got to read the room. Now, I don’t want to put another Black man down, but I feel for her and I got daughters," Fivio told Hollywood Unlocked.


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