Tory Lanez's Prison Sentence Continues At New Supermax Security Facility, General Population Reports False

Meghann Cuniff came through with the latest updates on Daystar Peterson today (October 13).

BYHayley Hynes
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Earlier this week, Tory Lanez fans were happy to hear rumours of the father of one being released from prison. Not long after the gossip hit the internet, the artist's dad hopped on Instagram Live. He came with disappointing news, confirming that Lanez is still behind bars. It was previously reported that the "Say It" hitmaker has been mingling with the general population at North Kern State Prison after spending his first weeks there mostly isolated. However, journalist Meghann Cuniff is now disputing that chatter with receipts proving that Lanez has actually been relocated to a newer facility with even higher security measures.

"Just FYI because people are asking, this isn't true," the crime report clarified on Friday (October 13) morning in response to a @DailyLoud tweet about the embattled star. "Tory Lanez was moved to the California Correctional Institute," Cuniff continued. "[It's] a state supermax prison that is not North Kern State Prison. Reports that Lanez was moved to general population at North Kern are false."

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Meghann Cuniff Clears the Air on Tory Lanez's Current Situation

Shortly after that, Cuniff shared a screenshot confirming that Lanez "is being housed at CCI" from a CDCR employee. "[CCI] is in Tehachapi, about 85 miles southeast of Kern," she noted for curious followers. "It's designated as a supermax prison, so 'general population' there is not quite the same as general population elsewhere." Last month, the Toronto native's legal team suggested that he aspires to have a "normal" experience while serving his sentence, hence the desire to mingle with other inmates. Due to his new home's strict rules, though, it doesn't seem like he'll be making too many close friends.

Prior to today's Tory Lanez update, it was revealed that the Canadian remains persistent as ever in fighting for bail. Despite being rejected by a judge last month, his legal team resubmitted an application with "nearly identical" arguments to those that kept him behind bars in the past. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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