Blueface Denies Writing Jaidyn Alexis' Lyrics For Her

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"Jaidyn, tell em you wrote it. I ain't never been zesty."

Blueface took to the internet to defend himself. His baby mother Jaidyn Alexis has recently launched her rap career and just put out another single called "Barbie." The single follows a recent string of other tracks such as "Workout," "Stewie," and "Post opp." The songs have been a source of discussion for the internet each time they drop, and trolls have particularly been calling out her BBL with each video. However, Jaidyn's latest song "Barbie" has been gaining traction due to some of the controversial things she's rapping about in the song. Some of these things include having taken shots at Blueface's other baby mother Chrisean. "Can't keep him with a baby, should've asked me / How you movin' but still can't outlast me / Cook, clean, f**k, you can't pass me / I'm in the front now, sis, get the back seat."

However, what has stirred the pot even more are the allegations that Blueface is the mastermind behind Jaidyn's lyrical content. Various individuals have accused him of ghostwriting her songs, suggesting that the lyrics are penned by him to deliver subtle messages aimed at Chrisean. One individual expressed their thoughts in the comment section on IG, writing, "The fact that u writing these lyrics for her to throw subliminal msgs at Chrisean is sad af, like u sure u moved on?" This comment highlights the belief that Blueface may be using Jaidyn's music as a way to convey his feelings or address lingering issues from their past.

Fans Think Blueface Wrote "Barbie"

Meanwhile, Blueface has denied the claims of any ghostwriting. While singing the lyrics to Jaidyn's "Barbie" song on his Instagram story today, "I'm a bad lil b***h and I'm snipped like a barbie. Hips, lips a**," he says Jaidyn obviously wrote these lyrics. He proceeds to ask Jaidyn (who's not visible in the camera), "Jaidyn! Tell them you wrote this s**t." To which she responds, "That's my s**t!" Blueface then doubles down on his sentiments.

"You really think I wrote that?" he asks the camera. "That's disrespectful. Y'all callin a n***a zesty? Is that what it is? So if I wrote them lyrics that make me zesty cuh? Jaidyn, tell em you wrote it. I ain't never been zesty." While he insists on convincing the internet that Jaidyn wrote the song by herself, audiences still remain skeptical. "Now who tf told her she built like a Barbie blue please stop writing these songs," commented someone else. What do you think of the song? Let us know on HNHH.

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