Dillon Danis Wants UFC Shot If He Beats Logan Paul

Danis appears done with boxing if he wins on October 14.

BYBen Mock
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Dillon Danis has stated a desire to get a shot in the UFC if he beats Logan Paul later this month. “I’m willing to go and go out there and see if what I’m saying is true. If I go to the UFC, give me your toughest fight. Give me Ian Garry, give me Neil Magny. Anybody. Leon Edwards. That would be the easiest fight. Colby [Covington], anybody," Danis told The MMA Hour earlier this week. Danis is still technically under contract with Bellator, the Paramount-owned UFC rival. However, he hasn't fought for the promotion since a pair of fights in 2019.

Furthermore, Danis claimed that his target was the UFC despite an offer from Misfits Boxing. “[Misfits is] trying to sign me, if I beat him. They’re actually in kahoots, who wants me, Jake [Paul] or KSI. But why am I doing that, boxing? I’m a jiu-jitsu guy. It’s so stupid. I want to go tap [UFC lightweight champion [Islam [Makhachev]. I want to go f beat these guys.” However, everything rides on the fight against Paul on October 14.

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Paul Promises Danis "The Worst Night Of His Life"

Despite Danis' confidence, the Paul fight will not be easy for him. "I can't imagine after all the talk he's done on X, after all the shit he said, what it's going to be like to be trapped in a ring with me -- he has made a grave error. And assuming he shows up, October 14 will be the worst night of his life," Paul told TMZ.

However, Paul was far from finished. "He's a crybaby, legitimately. I'm not just saying this to be like a mean fight companion trying to rile him up. He's a coward. He's made this fight entirely about a woman -- he chose to pick a fight with a woman. She fought back. He's whining about it, he's upset. He's making excuses left, right and center." During the same interview, Paul also confirmed that Nina Agdal plans to attend the fight in Manchester, England.

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