Lil Tay Plays Piano And Metallica While Flexing Musical Talent

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Lil Tay
Lil Tay certainly can play.

Lil Tay continued her bizarre return to the public eye with the 14-year-old showing some serious musical talent. In a new livestream, Tay took to the piano to beautifully play a classical piece. Several people in the comments took to calling her "Taytoven" due to her ability. Later in the same stream, she moved from piano to guitar and near-perfectly played the ever-daunting Metallica classic, "Master of Puppets". While Tay's original internet persona was all about shock value, she is very clearly trying to forge ahead with her sheer talent this time around.

Furthermore, she also dropped a music video for her new single "SUCKER 4 GREEN", which is a catchy if generic dance-pop number. While Tay and her mother, whom she now lives with, have expressed an interest in Tay genuinely pursuing music, not everyone is a fan. Of course, there are going to be haters. However, many people expressed exploitation concerns given the fairly sexual content of "SUCKER 4 GREEN", especially given that Tay is 14.

Lil Tay Levels Abuse Allegations At Father

However, Tay has also begun to open up about where she's been since disappearing abruptly after becoming a viral star at age 8. In a recent livestream, Tay made disturbing allegations against her father, Christopher. Tay, whom Christopher consistently referred to as "Claire" during the recent death hoax, labeled her father as a sexual deviant. She alleged that her father used Craigslist to seek female companionship and that his current wife, Hanee, is a "scammer".

Furthermore, and perhaps more disturbingly, Tay alleged that her father would perform sexual acts in front of her. "Inappropriate sexual behavior" was reportedly "normalized" in her father's house. Additionally, Tay said that her father would "do the most out-of-pocket sexual shit" in front of her. While shocking, some people have already called cap. Some have pointed to the aforementioned "SUCKER 4 GREEN" video as proof that Tay has not moved to a better environment.

Lil Tay Plays "Master Of Puppets"

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