Chrisean Rock Brushes Off Keke Palmer's Emotional Reaction To Her Son's Hernia News

The new mother would prefer if those who have her number texted her their think pieces instead of sharing them on social media.

BYHayley Hynes

Chrisean Rock and her weeks-old son have been spotted outside nearly every day since the little one's birth, and with every trip has come criticism for the 23-year-old's unique parenting style. The most recent bout of drama unfolded after her co-parent, Blueface, revealed that their baby boy has a hernia during an interview with Adam22 and Wack 100. When that news went viral, the father of three made the disappointing decision to post a photo of his baby's genitals online while putting Rock on blast for allegedly neglecting to deal with the issue.

Plenty of people have been chiming in on the disturbing situation, including another new mother, Keke Palmer. "This is so sad to me, especially as a new mom," the Chicago native wrote on Instagram on Monday (September 25). "I didn't wanna say nothing or involve myself [in] anything but my heart is breaking for all involved. This is exactly what maternal health care is about," the former child star began her rant. She then reminded readers that it doesn't matter how they feel about Rock – at the end of the day, she still deserves adequate help and care.

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Chrisean Rock Reacts to Keke Palmer's Think Piece on Black Motherhood

"Why doesn't anyone care about her or any of THE OTHER MOTHERS THAT ARE STRUGGLING?" Palmer asked. "She is just ONE but the face of MANY! Was anyone there to help Chrisean's mother and support her through maternal health care? How was she able to help her kids as a single mother?" she continued to rant. Though she obviously put a lot of thought and feeling into her message, it missed the mark with the Baltimore-born entertainer. "Keke Palmer we got each other's number," Rock tweeted this morning. "[You] chiming in like we don't [have] each other's number is whatever... Junior's dad is just somebody that I have to really stay away from," she acknowledged.

"I gave him the benefit of [the] doubt. But everyone that's speaking on my behalf, hit my DM or ask me for my number." Whether you love or hate her, it's hard to deny that Chrisean Rock's name has hardly been out of the news cycle since she announced her pregnancy in January. This past weekend, Adam22 and Tasha K got to discussing the Baddies cast member on the No Jumper podcast, at which time the latter content creator described Rock as a "trainwreck." Read what else was said about the new mother at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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