South Florida Soundcloud rapper XXXTENTACION got his first taste of success when “Look At Me” charted on Hot 100. Though X is still in jail, his cult following has gathered steam.

When Getter played “Look At Me” during his DJ set at Ultra Music Festival last weekend, the crowd spazzed out, jumping and screaming like X was about to come up on stage. Getter was so stunned by their reaction he even tweeted a short clip of the moment the song started.

Fans retweeted the crazy turn up. Though the audio leaves much to be desired, one person posted a longer clip online.

Despite his precarious situation, X aims to release his debut project Bad Vibes this spring. Beside “Look At Me,” the rapper has many more tracks on Souncloud. He currently has about 572,000 followers on the digital streaming service. 


XXXTENTACION's "Look At Me" Makes Crowd Go Wild At Ultra Music Festival