Snoop Dogg Hilariously Confesses His Horse Anxiety During Interview With Tiffany Haddish

"Maybe one day somebody can introduce me to a baby horse.”

BYTallie Spencer
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You learn something new in the world of hip-hop every day. This time, fans learn that Snoop Dogg is afraid of horses. During a recently shared interview with Tiffany Haddish, Snoop Dogg openly revealed his intense fear of horses, leading to a humorous exchange between the two. Snoop has openly acknowledged his fear of horses his refusal to work with these animals. The conversation came up as Tiffany expressed her former dream of wanting to become a horse farmer. "I’m scared of horses," Snoop Dogg stated. "To this day Tiff. I don’t know why I’m just f**king scared of them." 

When Haddish expressed her astonishment, asking, "Are you serious?" Snoop Dogg responded emphatically with, "I'm so serious." He then went on to emphasize his fear of being around horses, stating, "You ain’t never seen me in a scene with a horse. I done been in a scene with ostriches, iguanas, all kinds of s**t. N****s ain’t never been in a scene with a horse. N****s get that muthaf***a away from me. I don’t know why.” Haddish playfully suggested that perhaps he had a traumatic experience with a horse in a past life.

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Snoop Dogg Breaks Down Fear Of Horses

Snoop Dogg then contemplated the possibility of overcoming his fear by starting with a smaller sized horse instead. “Maybe one day somebody can introduce me to a baby horse,” he remarked. “A little jackass or something so I can learn how to be around you muthaf***as.” The West Coast rapper also disclosed that his wife had kept a horse at one point for a few years, but he humorously admitted to avoiding any close encounters with the animal, stating, "I ain’t finna go meet this n***a, ‘cause I don’t f**k with horses."

However, Snoop Dogg is not one to shy away from trying new adventures. So meeting a horse in the near future isn't completely out of the cards for Snoop. In fact, Snoop is currently pursuing his acting career, and recently shared a trailer for an upcoming film called The Big Payback. The trailer features him playing the role of a killer. Unfortunately, there's no set release date that audiences know of yet.

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