Micah Parsons Puts The Giants On Blast After 40-0 Loss

The Cowboys star questioned why Daniel Jones was left in the game despite other starters being pulled.

BYBen Mock
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants

Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parson has put the New York Giants on blast after helping the Cowboys steamroll the Giants 40-0 this past weekend. "It's called protecting your guy -- something I thought the Giants should have done. I don't think Daniel Jones should have been in that game in the fourth quarter. I thought they should have protected him and pulled him out. Barring injury, their season would be over without Daniel Jones," Parsons said on his podcast.

The Cowboys got to Jones seven times during the game, with Parsons himself recording a sack and two QB hits. Despite talking a big game through the offseason about how the Giants had turned a corner last season, the team was completely buried in Week 1. "I do not agree with Daniel Jones staying out there until that last drive, I thought that was wrong. I thought that was deceiving. That's your franchise quarterback, and he's out there with a backup offensive line still getting sacked and hit. I just didn't understand. Maybe it was a prove-it moment by the Giants -- I have no idea -- a learning lesson, who knows. But I thought Daniel Jones should have got pulled out," Parsons added.

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Giants' Loss - Blip On The Radar Or Seasonal Foreshadowing?

The 40-0 loss was the worst season-opening loss in Giants history. However, was it just a blip on the radar? After all, a lot of teams struggled in week one. The Bills and Bengals lost despite being Super Bowl contenders. Meanwhile, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni, despite the Eagles winning, lamented a sloppy performance and blamed his decision not to play starters more during the preseason. Sure, it was a very bad loss for the Giants. However, maybe it was just the Week 1 silly season playing out.

Or maybe it's a sign of a rough season for the Giants. While they should get a reprieve against the Cardinals in Week 2, the Giants have one of the rougher starts to the season. The Niners, Seahawks, Dolphins, and Bills are all on the schedule. That's not only a rough schedule, it's also a great bellwether as to whether the Giants' 2022 season was a fluke. Giants fans better pray that it wasn't. After all, many of the team's key figures are locked into long-term deals. Be sure to follow HotNewHipHop for all the latest sports news.

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