Ari Lennox Says She Hates "Craving Validation"

"It is truly a miserable experience," the singer tweeted.

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It seems that Ari Lennox is just as transparent in her social media posts as she is in her music. The D.C. native recently opened up about something many women can relate to: insecurities and love's pitfalls. Taking to Twitter to vent her frustration, Ari talked about how harmful seeking validation from others can be. The "Pressure" singer added that she is unsure when she can see herself as others do.

"I hate that I crave validation in every ounce of my life. It is truly a miserable existence. I hate that I wish I was cool. I’m embarrassing. I don’t know when I’ll ever start loving myself. I don’t know if it’s possible. I can’t even enjoy all that I’ve created for myself," Ari tweeted on Wednesday (August 30). Later the same day, she posted another tweet with a similar sentiment: "It’s painful reality to not be loved yet to crave it so bad in the most harmful places. To not be able trust anyone. To want people around but to push them away simultaneously. It’s mental misery," she wrote.

"It Is Truly A Miserable Experience," She Says

Following the initial post, support poured into the singer's comment section immediately. "Ari this breaks my heart. You’re truly exceptional & everything you’ve accomplished has been on your own merit. Your vulnerability is so appreciated—you’re not alone. I know you’ll be able to get to the root of these feelings & fully enjoy life on your own terms," one fan replied. Another fan added, "It takes time and a lot if work, but it’s possible."

However, this isn't the first time the Shea Butter Baby songstress has been vulnerable with her fans online. Earlier this year, she opened up about her desire to find love. “Have I made myself unattractive by wanting love so bad? By speaking about it? Complaining about it? I wish I didn’t crave it.” she tweeted back in March. “I wish it didn’t make me blind, weak, and so dangerously trusting... Wish I didn’t have emotions. Wish I didn’t care [sad face emoji].”

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