Ari Lennox Tweets About Her Desire To Find Love

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2022 Soul Train Awards - Arrivals
Ari Lennox arrives to the 2022 Soul Train Music Awards at the Orleans Arena on November 13, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/FilmMagic,)

The singer seems to be going through a rough patch relationship wise.

Many singles spend their free time searching for the one, and it’s no different for celebrities. Ari Lennox expressed her desire for love in a tweet on March 8. She wrote, “have I made myself unattractive by wanting love so bad? By speaking about it? Complaining about it? I wish I didn’t crave it." The tweet continues, "I wish it didn’t make me blind, weak, and so dangerously trusting. I wish I had no love inside of me. Wish I didn’t have emotions. Wish I didn’t care 🥺.”

Twitter users were quick to reassure her that a desire for love is a normal part of the human experience. BoyzIIMen member Shawn Stockman replied, “Not at all! Love is being able to be your most vulnerable, your most plaintive yet feeling protected by your counterpart. We all crave it, so don’t feel bad for being human."

Ari’s Dating Woes

This isn't the first time the “Pressure” singer has opened up about her struggles with dating. "I'm just bored, I'm bored!" Lennox previously explained. "Or I'll find someone incredibly interesting and then, like, the sex is terrible. And I'm sorry, but that's important, or like, you’re scared of my dog."

She has also opened up about struggling to understand the intentions of the people she’s dating. Specifically, the R&B starlet noted that she has, on occasion, dated men who were not upfront about their music aspirations. “I will never be able to trust that you genuinely wanna be here for me,” she said in a Breakfast Club interview. "And not try to get Cole, or, you know, Dreamville or Interscope.” The age/sex/location revealed that she had dated several “struggle rappers” that left her traumatized. 

Dealing with partners who are secret rappers looking for a big break in the music industry isn't the only challenge that Ari faces. She shared that she was once in a relationship with someone who pretended not to know who she was. While they were together, that person diminished everything about her. In 2022 the singer broke up with Married At First Sight star Keith Manley II, and she has not been in any public relationships since then. Do you relate to Ari Lennox’s issues with love? Let us know in the comments below.


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