Fredo Bang Uses New Track To Shoot His Shot With GloRilla Again

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA - JULY 09: Rapper Fredo Bang performs onstage during Hot 107.9 Who's Hot Artist Showcase Concert at Believe Music Hall on July 09, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
Fredo just won't quit.

Earlier this week, Fredo Bang dropped his new track "Bang Man". In it, Fredo references several female artists in sexual capacities. "She dropping Latto, SZA's on the floor, I tell her mop that this. I love my bitches. Still won't fuck GloRilla cuz I'm toxic," Fredo raps. The Baton Rogue rapper has been pretty vocal about his desire to get with the XXL Freshman. In March, Fredo tweeted "I wonder how GloRilla taste," while tagging her in the tweet. He then followed that up by sliding into her Instagram Live comments.

"Lick your lips again I like dat shit," Fredo could be seen saying. "I'll be crazy about you. I'll never hold you back," he said in a pair of follow-up messages. IF GloRilla saw the messages, she did not directly respond. However, name-dropping GloRilla in a sexual manner has not proven to be an effective way to get her attention. GloRilla lashed out after Money Man dropped the line "Skinny bitch inside my DMs, she remind me of GloRilla," during his track "Saweetie". The up-and-comer said she straight-up hated the reference.

GloRilla Gets Lewd On Social Media

Of course, GloRilla may also be spoken for right now. The rapper made waves earlier this week with an NSFW post on social media. Posting up on a balcony, the rapper shared a picture of what appeared to be a man going down on her. The post stirred up a lot of divisive comments, with some people finding it "classless" while others supported the freedom of expression.

In fact, it's become something of a regular occurrence for GloRilla's tendency to speak her mind to get her in trouble. Earlier this year, she faced criticism for saying that young women should "stay toxic" while in their 20s. This was perceived as a bad lesson to teach children. Why GloRilla should have to worry about being a role model to children, we don't know. But safe to say, given how outspoken and sexually liberated GloRilla is, we don't think Fredo's in with much of a chance.


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