Chance The Rapper is a man known for his efforts to give back to his city and his community and, as of yesterday (August 29th), he confirmed that this pattern of behavior isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Using Twitter to get the word out, the emcee revealed that he will be handling the grill at a new Nando’s location in Chicago on Michigan Avenue for their grand opening next Tuesday, September 5th. He’ll be combining his love of wings with his streak of helping out the youth in Chicago by raising money for SocialWorks, Chance’s nonprofit organization that is dedicated to financially boosting Chicago’s arts programs. The chicken chain will donate all proceeds generated from September 5th to 7th to the organization.

“Meet me at @NandosUSA Michigan Ave opening. I’m grilling on 9/5 @ 6pm to #SupportCPS & raise $ for @SocialWorks_Chi,” reads the tweet from Chance. For those in the Chi-Town area, it definitely sounds like a good time will be had by all.

Chano is no stranger to charitable endeavors, and this is just the latest in a swath of good deeds that he’s done so far in 2017.In March, he called on Illinois Governor Rauner to do his best to improve the school system in Chicago, saying that “Illinois ranks dead last in the U.S. in funding public education. With the stroke of a pen, the Governor has the power to change that,” the Grammy-winner said at the time. “This isn’t about politics, this isn’t about posturing, this is about taking care of the kids. Governer Rauner, do your job.” To put his money literally where his mouth was, Chance also donated $1 million to the Chicago school system.

That’s not all he’s done for his hometown. Earlier in the summer, he and Liz Dozier announced that they were taking ideas from Chicago-area youngsters on how to improve their neighborhoods. The price tag for the winners was a hefty one too, to the tune of $2 million per idea. It’s a trait that some might think is lacking in rap music today – giving back – but Chance has been doing that and more during his time in the spotlight.

Chance the Rapper

Chance The Rapper To Grill Wings For Charity