Yesterday morning brought upon one of the year's most surprisingly dramatic events: the sentencing hearing of one Tekashi 6ix9ine. With Twitter account Inner City Press providing a play-by-play in something close to real-time, fans of all ages tuned in abuse the refresh button. Akademiks made things all the more lively by providing real-time commentary, and even those who dislike the rapper begrudgingly tuned in out of sheer curiosity. Clearly aware of all the attention this one was getting, Judge Englemeyer revealed an impressive flair for the dramatic, taking us all on an emotional roller-coaster before finally unveiling his sentence of two years, including time served.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Image

While many considered the sentence to be a win for the Rainbow Wonder, lawyer Lance Lazarro seemed to have mixed feelings about the verdict. Speaking with Hollywood Life, Lazarro stated that "We are a little disappointed, we were expecting time served because that is what the parole board recommended, but it was in the judge's hands. He’s feeling a little down right now but he’s strong, he’ll survive. The best thing to come out of today was closure, he knows he’ll be home in July and then he can focus on rebuilding his career and relationships.”

It's no surprise to hear that the young rapper is a little glum, but given he was facing a possible outcome of thirty-seven years, a quick stint is ultimately a blessing in disguise. Especially given that if all goes well, between time served and "good behavior," 6ix9ine could be a free man come July 2020.