UPDATE: 6ix9ine has been sentenced to a term of 24 months in prison, with five years of supervised release. (AK clapped and called it a "dub") 

It's no secret that 6ix9ine and Akademiks are good friends, and it's no surprise to see the media personality keeping a watchful eye on the unfolding court coverage. With Inner City Press keeping close-to-real-time updates on the ongoing sentencing hearing, which is currently in its climactic stages, Ak took to Twitch to host a slew of curious onlookers. At first, the vibe was jovial as hell, with Ak firing off jokes and insight into the trial at every turn. Yet as the Judge returned to finalize his verdict, the tone took a more sullen turn. 

"He is discrediting 6ix9ine telling," says Ak, upon reading Inner City's Tweet about Frenchy's Van. "Say it ain't so!" A little earlier in the stream, he expressed confusion as to how 6ix9ine's cooperation could lead to a potentially harsh sentence. In other words, he basically deemed "snitching" a useless endeavor, one that rappers should steer clear from in future situations.


As the stream continues, the Judge begins praising 6ix9ine's cooperation as "courageous," which seems to confuse Ak further. Essentially, like all of us, he's curious to see how this one concludes. "If you ask me, I'm hoping two years," admits Ak. "Maybe three years with time served, which is more like two." And then the memes come out, prompting pure incredulity from Ak. "The Judge think he gotta get tough cause n***as been saying FREE 6ix9ine! Ah man, the fucking judge is in the chat!"


Should you be interested in hearing his thoughts in a more elaborate fashion (there's a lot to keep up with here), be sure to check it out while it's still ongoing.