With Tekashi 6ix9ine currently behind bars, there aren't many updates regarding the controversial rapper these days. His full guilty plea was made available to the public earlier today and it feels like, especially today, he is missed. You could always depend on Tekashi to troll the most unsuspecting members of the rap community. According to the memes, he's still hard at work in jail. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the rainbow-haired rapper is behind all the recent arrests of Atlanta artists. That's obviously not the most likely of facts but with Valentine's Day in full swing, you could certainly have expected some hilarious content on 6ix9ine's socials. In his place, his girlfriend Jade has come through with a troll-job that would make the "GUMMO" star proud.

"I always knew you were a rat ass n***a," writes Jade on a picture of her man. "Because you always knew the right things to say." Before anybody gets too excited about even more drama going down in Tekashi's life, it was all a joke. "Nah I’m just playing," she continued. "Happy Valentines Day BABE."

The most recent photo we've seen of the artist is from Jade's visit to jail a few weeks ago. Since then, 69's ex-girlfriend Sara Molina has told her story about how he used to abuse her sexually and physically. How long do you think 6ix9ine will stay behind bars?