In a short amount of time, 6ix9ine has beef with many people but there were a few people in his hometown that had problems with him. Some of them due to his claims of being the King of New York. Don Q was among those people who felt a type of way since 6ix9ine made that claim and it appears that he might still feel a type of way about it.

It looks like all hell has officially broken loose now that 6ix9ine is out of jail. The pro-troll has now promised the judge to chill on his online antics now that he's been released on home confinement but we'll see how long that will last. His girlfriend, on the other hand, hasn't made that type of obligation to anyone and it shows. Jade debuted her newly dyed rainbow hair in honor of her boyfriend on Instagram today which prompted a reaction from Don Q. "Heavy," he commented.

Jade surely wasn't having it and shut him down real fast. "The only thing heavy here is you," she replied. Clearly, she picked up on a few things from 6ix9ine before he got sent away to prison.

In related news, 6ix9ine has been revving up his return to the game. A snippet of new music recently leaked online and apparently, he's been plotting on some new visuals.