After walking around various cities without wearing a bulletproof vest, Tekashi 6ix9ine wonders why people keep saying that he's scared. After he was released from jail and no longer on house arrest, the public speculated that 6ix9ine would have difficulty maneuvering in the streets due to his federal informant status. The rapper has not only proved that he can continue to climb the charts following the scandal, but he's also jet-setted from city to city with security in tow. He's passed out cash to kids, posed for photos with fans at malls, shopped on Rodeo Drive in L.A., and trolled Lil Durk in Chicago. During a recent Instagram Live, 6ix9ine questioned why Drake, who walked around Chicago with a bulletproof vest on, isn't given the same "scared" title that people have crowned 6ix9ine.

"A whole picture of Drake with security and a bulletproof vest in Chicago, right?" 6ix9ine said. "Nobody say he scared. Why he have security?... but the moment Tekashi rolls around with security [and] no bulletproof vest, oh he's scared." The person he was speaking with said that he would break down why the OVO icon's situation can't be comparable. Tekashi 6ix9ine interrupted him before he could finish.

"I know why," the rapper said. "But why don't y'all keep the same energy with Drake?" The person responded that Drake doesn't antagonize rappers the way that 6ix9ine does, so the 6ix9ine asked if that's the case, then why would Drake need a vest in the first place. Check out the clip below.