Tekashi 6ix9ine may not be the most liked among his peers but his fans have enjoyed every second of his social media shenanigans. With his meteoric rise to fame taking less than six months, 6ix9ine has been in more beefs than he has songs on the Billboard charts. As he constantly gloats about how many of his tracks have charted, the aforementioned is a pretty impressive accomplishment. Pouring his morning bowl of cereal, Tek decided to be a comedian, commenting on his own attack on Chief Keef. While he remarked earlier that he was a fan of Keef, he seems to be trolling so much that even he doesn't know what's real anymore.

At this point, 6ix9ine doesn't even need people to critique him because he'll do it for them as evidenced by his latest video. One of the most controversial rappers today, Tekashi filmed a reaction video to his own disses against the Chicago superstar, effectively saying that he is out of his mind for going after the Glo Gang. 6ix9ine began the video, "Yo bro, you heard that 6ix9ine n---a dissed the fuckin' Chief Keef n---a? Yeah bro, that n---a's fuckin' buggin' bro like, he's buggin'. Them n---as is gangsta out there!" The "GUMMO" star continued, having a full-blown conversation with himself before enjoying his breakfast.

His social media tactics may seem questionable at times but he has allowed himself to gain an extreme amount of exposure due almost solely to his Instagram manipulation. Now that 6ix9ine has responded to himself, is it even necessary for Keef to strike back?