Cardi B Reportedly Threw Mic At DJ During Nightclub Set

There's more updates about Cardi B's time in Vegas.

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More drama has emerged as a result of Cardi B throwing a microphone at a fan after a fan seemingly threw a drink at her. As Cardi performed “Kodak Yellow”, an audience member threw their drink at the rapper. In response, Cardi threw her microphone at the offender before security intervened. Cardi had been spending the weekend in Vegas to celebrate her new song with Offset, “Jealousy”. On Friday night, Cardi twerked up a storm while performing “No Limit” at Dria’s Nightclub.

A compilation of videos from the event appears to show the series of events that led up to the altercation. While performing, Cardi can be heard hearing “Splash my pussy, bitch” while bending over for the crowd. After composing herself falling the mic throw, Cardi hilariously clapped back at the offender. “I said splash my pussy, not my face, bitch.” While Cardi was shocked by the drink throw, she was able to continue providing fans with a stand-out performance afterward. However, new layers have thrown new light onto the proceedings.

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Cardi Threw A Mic At A DJ, Woman Denies Throwing Drink

There are two new layers to the Cardi B mic drama. The first is a video that appears to set a precedent for Cardi being ready to throw down over the weekend. Taken from the enter of her set at Dria's Nightclub on Friday night, Cardi is set throwing her microphone at someone at the end of the set. Reportedly, this mic was aimed at the DJ for her set.

The other claim comes from the woman who Cardi hit with the microphone during her Saturday set. TikTok user @paxybabyy posted a video captioned "I'm bruised and sore". The video, which shows the Cardi mic throw from Paxy's point of view, includes the text "When I'm the one who gets smoked by the microphone but didn't throw the drink." The drink thrower, who appears to be Black, can be seen in front of the person recording. However, they appear to duck out of the way and Paxy, who appears to be white, is hit instead.


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