Rubi Rose Wears MSCHF X Crocs Big Yellow Boots To Visit The Corner Store In New Thirst Traps

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The Rose Fest
Rubi Rose performs at The Rose Fest on April 24, 2021 in Silverado Canyon, California. (Photo by Harmony Gerber/Getty Images)
We just saw Lil Durk in the wild new shoes, and now Rubi Rose is stepping out in her pair.

Just when memories of MSCHF's Big Red Boots taking over your timeline earlier this year are finally fading away, the company is back with another innovative design. Earlier this week, they confirmed that their collaboration with Crocs will be dropping in August. It finds them offering their viral cartoon-ish shoe in a new colorway – Yellow – and adding holes throughout the bottom and a strap on the back to make the boot resemble a Croc. They're certainly not for everyone, but so far, we've seen a few stylish celebrities step out in the soon-to-be viral shoes.

As he continues on his personal healing journey, Lil Durk posted up in his Big Yellow Boots, receiving an expected mixed response from followers. The internet may not have been feeling like 7220 hitmaker's OOTD, but the look Rubi Rose put together seems to be faring better among social media users. Likely because it showcases plenty of her slim thick figure, but hey, who's counting?

Rubi Rose Matches Her Wig to Her Big Yellow Boots

"Sweet yellow bone he call me honey mustard 💛," the OnlyFans creator captioned her latest IG photo dump. In the first snap, Rose proves she's just like "normal" girls, stopping at the corner store to fuel up her white SUV. To match the MSCHF shoes on her feet, Rubi donned a shoulder-length yellow wig, creating contrast with a green tube top and hat.

Other images show the 25-year-old cheekily grabbing a drink from inside, using her perfectly manicured hand to hide her underwear beneath her ultra-mini skirt, and finally, checking out her endless options in the snack aisle.

Another Recent Thirst Trap

Check out another salacious snapshot shared by Rubi Rose earlier this week above. Do you think the Kentucky native looks good in MSCHF x Croc's Big Yellow Boots? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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