Taylor Swift Laughs While Singing Kanye West-Inspired Song On Eras Tour

It's Ye, hi, he's the problem, it's Ye.

BYBen Mock
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Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Seattle, WA

Remember when the most controversial thing about Kanye West was that he crashed Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the VMAs? The "Imma let you finish" moment turns 14 this year and wow, just so much has changed in that time. Of course, their careers are in very different places right now. Taylor is currently on her Eras Tour, a monumental undertaking that runs through until the end of 2024. Of course, the current North American leg has been full of headlines as every location attempts to outdo the last with an outlandish gift. It's like Swift is on an NBA retirement tour.

As Swift headed to the Pacific Northwest, Seattle appeared determined to outdo the very bland letter from the state governor Swift had received in Colorado. The Space Needle got some tour-inspired light decorations while the Twitter-famous Washington State Department of Natural Resources named Swift an "honorary geologist." It's a solid B-tier gift for Swift. After all, her next stop - Santa Clara - had temporarily renamed the city Swiftie Clara and made her the honorary mayor for the dates of her two shows. However, Swift did take a moment in Seattle to revisit her feud with Kanye.

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Swift Laughs At Forgiveness Line

The moment came while Swift was performing "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things". The song was inspired by a 2016 voicemail Swift received from Kanye. In it, Kanye gave Swift a heads up that his upcoming single, "Famous" included a line about their run-in at the VMAs. Specifically, Kanye had included a line in which he stated that he "made that bitch [Swift] famous." Furthermore, Kanye preceded that line by saying he and Swift should fuck. Safe to say, Swift was not a fan.

Anyway, back to Seattle. Swift is playing the song and gets to the line "Cause forgiveness is the nice thing to do." She breaks out laughing, eliciting an elated reaction from the crowd. She tries to continue the song, but can't compose herself. She gets another big reaction from the crowd as she notes "I can barely say it with a straight face," before continuing to play.


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