Casino Jizzle Shot & Killed; Hip-Hop Artist Dead At 27

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Casino Jizzle had a new album coming out.

When it comes to the Tennessee rap game, there was one new up-and-comer that was primed to make waves. Sadly, the artist known as Casino Jizzle will never get his chance to make it big. The hip-hop singer, born Robert Tunstall, was shot and killed in northeast Memphis on the Fourth of July. Casino Jizzle was pronounced dead at the scene and was 27 years old. His manager confirmed this on Tuesday. This occurred just days before Jizzle's July 7th album drop. DUH is his debut album, and he was getting ready to become a big deal in hip-hop.

Casino Jizzle had the numbers to gain some serious traction. With 10 million Apple Music streams and 46 million YouTube views, the man was ready to make a splash in the rap game. Unfortunately, he passed away at the same deadly age as other famous musical artists. (Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse are a few members of the "27 Club.")

The Aftermath of Casino Jizzle's Shooting

The mother of Casino Jizzle's child, Brianna Hollins, took to Facebook to showcase her grief. "I'm LOSTED WITHOUT U SWEAR TO GOD," she writes, clearly devastated to lose a man she loved way too soon. She shared pictures of them hanging out in Nevada on what looks like a vacation from 2022. Jizzle had dealt with gun violence in the past. Back in 2019, he was in critical condition following a shooting in front of a Tennessee Chuck E. Cheese.

As for who pulled the trigger in this fatal incident, Memphis police are not yet sure of an official identity. However, there is a warrant out for 27-year-old Michael Clayton for murder in the first degree (according to WREG, the local CBS affiliate). Casino Jizzle's most popular song on Spotify, "Message," has almost 330k listens. So far as we know, his debut album DUH is still releasing tomorrow, albeit to somber circumstances. The HotNewHipHop family offers condolences to the family and friends left behind. Rest In Peace, Casino Jizzle.

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