Cardi B Hints At Potential Scar Lip Collab

Cardi B says everything about Scar Lip "is so interesting."

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Cardi B recently took to social media to show her support for young NYC rapper Scar Lip. Fans were also eager to hear Cardi tease a potential collaboration between the two of them. In her Instagram story, she calls Scar Lip "such a dope a*s person," telling viewers, "ya’ll need to watch out." Based on what she's said about Cardi in the past, fans can imagine how psyched Scar Lip is about the shoutout.

“Hey guys, I’m with Scar Lip right now and we go to the same studio all the time; so I was like, yo, she should come upstairs so we could have a little chat because she’s a dope a*s person,” Cardi B says in the clip. She continues, “And like, her story is so interesting and everything about her is so interesting so say hi to her.” “She’s so shy but I really want to let you know that however you think your friends are, I’m probably the same way but more hyper,” she explains. “So um, I think you guys should let her know what you guys would like to see from her because I really want her to make it and she’s such a dope a*s person and ya’ll need to watch out. And I think she should be on XXL Freshman year [cover] or whatever.”

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Cardi Backs Scar Lip

Earlier this month, Scar Lip shared her appreciation for Cardi B during her interview with VladTV. Scar Lip described her feelings after Cardi shared her song on her Instagram story. “I couldn’t believe that..that post changed my life,” she revealed, “I love her so much.” She went on to explain, “She started from the bottom and raised her way to the top, [and] anybody that feels a way about that…you’re just weird. Everybody starts from the bottom. How could you not be inspired?”

When the star shared "This Is New York" with her followers in May, Scar Lip got emotional, claiming her "dreams just came true." She went on to say, "She inspired me. She from The Bronx, bro. I’m from The Bronx. She showed us young girls we could make it and we could be something, bro. I can’t f*cking believe this sh*t. We did it.”

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