Scar Lip Thanks Cardi B, Boosie Badazz, And Shaquille O'Neal For Success

Scar Lip shared in a recent interview how her peers kickstarted her career.

BYCaroline Fisher
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In a recent interview, Scar Lip revealed how impactful other artists were in her career. She sat down with VladTV earlier this week, where she detailed her early career and credited her supporters. Scar Lip has gotten love from Cardi B, Boosie Badazz, Shaquille O'Neal, and more in recent months. The "This is New York" rapper also went on to discuss the process of channeling her adversity into her music, and learning how to "express [herself]."

"When Boosie reposted me, it felt like I had a shot,” she began. “That’s when motion started coming in. His push, [and] his co-sign, got me a lot of press…that shit helped my career a lot.” Scar Lip went on to explain how the support she received from Cardi B made her feel as though she had “made it out the hood.” Cardi shared a video of the young artist on her Instagram story earlier this month. “I couldn’t believe that..that post changed my life,” she told DJ Vlad, “I love her so much.” She continued, telling him, “She started from the bottom and raised her way to the top, [and] anybody that feels a way about that…you’re just weird. Everybody starts from the bottom. How could you not be inspired?”

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Scar Lip Credits Her Supporters

Upon Cardi's shoutout, she took to social media to share her excitement with fans. “Cardi B just posted me,” she tearfully explained. “She inspired me. She from The Bronx, bro. I’m from The Bronx. She showed us young girls we could make it and we could be something, bro. I can’t f***ing believe this shit. We did it.”

Scar Lip also shared that when NBA star Shaquille O'Neal sent her a supportive DM, she didn't even think it was real. “It was like four in the morning, [and] something told me [to] check my phone. I look and see [that] Shaquille O’Neal text me. I said, ‘Is this a dream? Is this real?’ [and] I started jumping up and going crazy," she explained. She says that it wasn't until he sent her a "whole video" of himself that she believed it. O'Neal told the rapper, "yo keep spitting that hard shit,“ adding, "It’s time for you to take over New York.”

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