Depending how much you stan for Denzel Curry, you may be aware of his sort-of hidden talent: drawing and writing comics. We linked up with the Florida native while we were in Austin for SXSW in March, and got to not only sit in on a mini drawing session with the talented artist (and when I say artist, I really mean it), as well as ask some questions about how the passion developed.

Denzel, who was visibly a bit tense at the beginning of our sit-down, loosened up as the conversation progressed, especially as the discussion turned to his all-time favorite cartoons (of which there are plenty). He also spoke on learning to draw from his dad, and paying homage to his deceased brother by way of the cartoon he drew for us that same day.

“My dad taught me and my brothers how to draw, individually,” Denzel starts. “One day, I had the Star Wars book that I was reading…well it was a Star Wars book that I liked the pictures in, started tracing it first, started tracing Obi-Wan and stuff like that, and then eventually I would draw it on its own, like mimicking the picture.” 

“If this doesn’t work,” Denzel tells us, referring to his rap career, “I’ma be doing cartoons bruh. I ain’t going back to a regular 9-5. Fuck that. I’ma write something better. If I get wack at writing raps, if that ever happens, I’ma just write cartoons instead.”

As for the character he drew for us: “The initial thought of creating this was my brother, my brother who passed away. He had dreads like this, like how my dreads are,” Denzel reveals.

Denzel goes on to say he’s currently creating his own mythology and writes all the time, and would love to some day publish a comic book. Check out the piece above to find out the full list of Denzel’s all-time favorite cartoons.

Denzel Curry

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