NLE Choppa Drops Star-Studded “Champions” Video

The rapper called in some big favors for the video.

BYNoah Grant
NLE Choppa Drops Star-Studded “Champions” Video

NLE has dropped a music video for his new track, "Champions." Recently, the rapper has been on a journey of transformation and personal growth. It has been not only fascinating but also surprising to witness, particularly in terms of his adoption of veganism and involvement in activism. However, it appears that the changes NLE Choppa has made have changed his life for the better. The music video for the rapper's new song "Champions" prominently showcases these changes.

D.A. Got That Dope produced the new NLE Choppa track. The instrumental features triumphant brass instruments that call to mind sports championships. The track also features NLE Choppa delivering inspiring lyrics about overcoming challenges. "Ay, we gon’ ball never fall, the champions / The champions, the champions," he sings on the chorus. "Ay, we gon’ ball, never fall, I put my head up / And told ’em, 'Crown me.'" The track's lyrics and instrumental flow perfectly together. For the video, Choppa called up some pretty prominent people to join in.

NLE Choppa Recruits Some Big Sports Names For His Music Video

NLE Choppa's new track fits right in with the video for it. The clip includes appearances by many world-renowned athletes. These include Floyd Mayweather, Odell Beckham Jr., Olympic Gold swimmer Michael Andrews, Kyrie Irving, and others. Additionally, the video captures a heartwarming moment featuring the rapper. Choppa visits Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus in Memphis to celebrate the students' victory in his reading challenge. The elementary students earned recognition for collectively reading over 40 million words.

Toward the end of the video, Choppa actively participates in a protest he organized a few months ago. The event honored Tyre Nichols, another Memphis native. The man was beaten to death by five police officers earlier this year. This scene highlights Choppa's commitment to using his platform for social change. It seems like several popular artists are making similar changes. Lil Durk has also spoken openly about trying to do good for the community and take better care of himself. What do you think of the new leaf NLE Choppa seems to be turning over? Sound off and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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