Kevin Gates Has A Wild Message For Fans And Haters Alike

Gates hopped onto Instagram to deliver a message to followers before announcing he'd be stepping away for a while.

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Rapper Kevin Gates recently expressed his views on financial arrangements in relationships through an Instagram Live session. During the session, a viewer inquired about his stance on splitting finances equally with his partner. Gates responded by recounting his own personal experience. The rapper mentioning that he had been involved with a woman who offered him something invaluable that money couldn't purchase. It was a nice moment of clarity for an artist that often posts some pretty odd or explicit things on his social media accounts.

“I have been in a relationship where the woman provided me intangible wealth,” Gates said of the previous union. He said that “no amount of money” could buy what she gave him. “She did everything to make my life peaceful and it motivated me and allowed me to focus and make more money,” Gates continued. “50/50 wasn’t half of the rent, but she provided a place of peace to me in order to reach my highest potential.” Gates went on to say that there are several types of wealth. Some are tangible and others are intangible.

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Gates: "Find Me That N*gga Who Could Say He Stuck His D*ck In Me"

Kevin Gates recently came back to Instagram to send a message to his followers. The rapper seems to have gained a certain level of peace in his life recently. In interviews not too long ago, he even spoke about hunting for his own meat. He also posted an extremely NSFW video of a child being born. While some may find it disturbing, one can see the value in posting it. The rapper's latest video, however, has some confused. In it, Gates seems to be relaxing in the ocean as he speaks directly to the camera. He had quite a bit to say. Some parts of it made more sense than others.

"Let the record reflect, he or she that ever did me dirty when I wasn't nothing but genuine with you people... Hey, I forgive you. I didn't understand it when I was going through it, but I thank you," Gates said sincerely. "'Cause y'all... provoked me to be something that I never, ever thought I could be." This is where the rapper's message started to go a little bit off the rails. "I'm gonna step away for a while, and I'm gonna have my executive assistant take care of my affairs... Hey but do me two favors," Gates said. "Find me two n*ggas. Find me that n*gga that could say I told on him, and find me that n*gga that could say he stuck his d*ck in me. Everybody that comes around takes my style and tries to steal it." Many were confused by the second half of his statement. What do you think about it? Be sure to sound off in the comments!

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