Chrisean Rock And Yaya Mayweather Link Up In New Video

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Chrisean Rock And Yaya Mayweather Link Up In New Video
In the video, posted to Instagram, Rock asks viewers who they think is crazier when they're in love.

At this point, Chrisean Rock is well known for her spirited relationship antics. Recently, she and Blueface have been embroiled in a serious and unfavorable dispute recently. They have been openly expressing their mutual dislike for each other on social media. Still, they continue to spend time together in real life. The pair have been anticipating the arrival of their first child. However, Blueface has been explicitly expressing his lack of interest in being the father of Rock's baby. In fact, he has even gone so far as to publicly question the child's paternity.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface have also been engaged in a Twitter feud. He has refuted his Crazy In Love co-star's claims of a planned pregnancy. First, he shared an old video of Rock stating she would consider an abortion if her partner didn't want the baby. Then, the Californian artist quoted her directly. "Do not have a baby with a man who does not want the baby," he wrote. Clearly, Blueface's recent remarks struck a nerve with Rock. She was caught on camera directly after allegedly attempting to set fire to his house.

Chrisean And Yaya Debate Who Is Crazier In A Relationship

In the new video above, Chrisean Rock and Yaya Mayweather link up in a parking lot It was originally from a live, and it was then posted to The Shade Room's Instagram. In the video, the two stand in front of a few parked cars while they speak directly to the camera. Rock asks the audience the all important question: "Who do y'all think is crazier in love?" When Yaya laughs and walks out of view, Rock looks at her and expands on her question. "In love. You ain't just crazy. You ain't just stabbing motherf*ckers for nothing," she says. "I will shoot a motherf*cker... burn your house down."

In the last bit, Chrisean Rock seems to be referring directly to the house fire incident that occurred earlier this month. It's still unclear what exactly transpired. However, in a video shared on Instagram, the destruction caused by Rock at their shared residence can be seen. With a blaring fire alarm in the background, 23-year-old Blueface calmly walks through the house, expressing his disbelief. He questions her, asking, "What is wrong with you?" Now that a few weeks have passed, it seems Rock finds it to be an appropriate time to joke about the incident. What do you think of the video? Sound off in the comments below!

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