SubPac is a company that creates special backpacks that are meant to immerse people in the sounds that they’re listening to, whether it’s music, gaming or VR video by putting speakers inside of their backpacks. The brand has partnered with Raekwon for a special edition sub bass pack to commemorate his upcoming album The Wild.

Don’t expect it to be easy to grab this limited edition backpack, however. SubPac is only producing 15 of the custom backpacks. They’re making it worthwhile for the select fans who will be receiving the backpacks, although it’s unclear how they’re planning on selecting those fans. SubPac’s co-founder John Alexiou explained via press release that, “the sonic and lyrical impact of Raekwon’s music will be felt throughout the body.”

The Wild releases tomorrow, March 24. You should give it a listen, even if it isn’t with this crazy backpack. Listen to the most recent release from the album, “This Is What It Comes To (Remix)” featuring Ghostface Killah.


Raekwon Partners With SubPac For Limited Edition Speaker-Backpack