Boosie Badazz Triggered At McDonald's Drive-Through: "Damn You Stingy With The Jelly!"

Boosie Badazz recently showed how strongly he feels about jelly in an Instagram Live.

BYCaroline Fisher
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A recent clip of Boosie Badazz in the McDonald's drive-through has been receiving some attention from fans. The funny clip begins with Boosie asking the employee if he had gotten jelly with his order. The McDonald's employee responds, telling Boosie, "Yeah, it's in the bag." He then suspiciously rifles through the bag, sees the jelly, and eyeballs the employee through the window. Pulling away, he says, "Damn you stingy with the jelly!" Adding, "I hate when they act like that with the f***in jelly." Boosie appears to get gradually more upset, claiming employees are, "Not getting no f***ckin raise to get no f***in jelly."

Boosie looks down into his bag again, shouting, "two packs... I should go back!" He then angrily pulls out his sandwich, claiming he "told her four jelly." Then Boosie goes on to express how he doesn't understand why the employees "act like that with fu***in jelly," when it's not even their "f***in jelly." As he begins to eat, the rapper continues to express his discontentment, saying, "f***in jelly, they got so much of that sh*t in there."

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Boosie Badazz Doesn't Play About Jelly

Boosie's tangent was met with the amusement of viewers, who commented along while the rapper went off about his jelly. One user commented, "They better stop playing wit Boosie." As the comments erupted with laughing emojis, another user wrote that he, "shoulda went back."

Last week, Boosie also shared his thoughts surrounding Tory Lanez' charges in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting case. He revealed that if he were Lanez, he would have taken a plea deal in exchange for less prison time. In his interview with VladTV, he said, “If he would have went in there and said he wanted to make a deal, [with] them lawyers he got, he could have been doing time in a facility with damn-near nobody around him.” He then shared his personal experience, saying, “I know a lot of people like that. They was offered 10 years and they didn’t take it. And they end up getting 30." Boosie added, “I seen it all the time. When I was in [prison] they come in there like, ‘I ain’t doing no 15, mane.’ They end up getting big time. I would have tried to get five years.”

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