While in New Orleans for NBA All-Star Weekend, Curren$y debuted his first Reebok collab, the weed-inspired “Jet Life” Club C 85, at an exclusive event at Sneaker Politics located in the heart of the French Quarter.

Just a few days after that, we had the pleasure of speaking with Curren$y right before he performed in front of a crowd at the Reebok Classic x Footaction “Classic In The Courtyard” event on Bourbon St, and he was gracious enough to answer a wide-range of topics.

We talked with him a little bit about that collab, what Reebok sneaker he’d like to work with in the future, the worst sneakers he has ever seen in the studio, his favorite athlete growing up and much more.

Check out our discussion with Spitta below as well as some of the images from his events in NOLA in the gallery above.

What makes the Reebok Club C a good collaborative sneaker for you?

“I wore the Club C everyday in High School, that was like my neighborhood shoe. The white and blue Club C was my number one shoe. When they did a white and green that was nasty, too. We been wearing those forever and when it came down for me to bust a move, I had to pick that.”


What would your ideal Reebok collab be?

“The Classic Mid. When the Mid with the grey stripe on the sole dropped, that shit fucked my whole school up. If they reached out and we could do that? Done. That’s the shit.”


What color?

“Well you know, I would do green, for sure. Green or Royal Blue.”


If you were in the NBA and you had one night to wear any shoe you wanted on the court, what would it be?

“Dominique Wilkins, the Avia whatever the fuck they was. THAT shoe. Because, it was a ballsy advertisement campaign. It was right when the Reebok Pump was going crazy, and Dominique Wilkins was like dissin’ that shoe.”


Worst or best pair of shoes you’ve seen in the studio?

“Number one, the worst ones were these patent leather P. Miller running shoes. It was kinda like a Classic meets a Cortez but it was patent leather and the sole provided no grip, and it wasn’t really fused to the body of the shoe [laughs]. But, I love Master P and all the moves he made in music.”

“The Converse x Master P No Limit shoe was the best. I lived with C-Murder, he dropped me off at school. So I had stacks of that shit taller than me. That’s the #1 rap shoe ever. Master P was in the NBA and he wore the shoe, so it’s a real shoe. He went on the court with it. He didn’t wear his other one on the court.”

“The Lugz shoe with Baby was clean. I had the black suede joints, I wore ’em with a mink coat. I defend ’em to my friends all the time. I don’t wanna hear shit about ’em. I wore ’em. And the ones with the faux Gucci stripe. I don’t wanna hear shit about it. I wore ’em. But I had the real Gucci shoe too so it’s alright.”


Craziest NBA All-Star memory?

“Damn, I hate to bring my boy into the fire but once my friend Choppa, we was in the New Orleans arena, we were walking to go high-five Master P who was sitting in these choice seats, front row, and he fell down the steps.”

“I don’t talk about it a lot because whoever was there they saw it, but I had like four bottles of Clicquot before I got here so I’ll tell you. He fell down, he had the jacket with all the NBA patches on it [I wanted one so bad but I wasn’t Choppa Style at the time, I was just a little homie supporting No Limit], he fell down, his shirt went up, his stomach hit the basketball court so it made that skin to wood noise [laughs]. But he’s my homie, he knows it happened so fuck it.”

“I wanted one of those jackets so bad.”


Favorite athlete growing up?

“Man, Emmitt Smith. Yo, Emmitt Smith was serious to me because he was a good dude. He was super tight. I would watch what other people had to say. I liked Barry Sanders and Barry Sanders liked Emmitt Smith, so Emmitt Smith was the shit to me.”


Did you play ball as a kid?

“Well you know, as a kid you played everything. But once everyone got taller than me and started weighing more than me I realized that that wasn’t gonna be my thing. By you know 8th grade, everyone was like leaps and bounds ahead. My coaches loved me so much that they still was like, ‘na you’re on the team,’ but I was real with it, I just fell back.”



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